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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I unsubscribe from receiving emails and texts from a school or team?2020-07-23T14:33:06-05:00

Every email sent out via will contain an Unsubscribe link. Simply click on the link to visit the unsubscribe page <schoolname> On the page a person can control whether they receive texts, emails, or neither from

Q: What’s the difference between Simple and Detailed reports?2020-07-23T14:32:02-05:00

The simple version provides the basic elements required in a result report, like date, location/venue, and final results. The detailed version adds team and individual stats into the report. The detailed version is generally preferred by media outlets. Both versions allow for the attachment of files and links and provide a text box for additional comments/notes as well.

Q: Can I attach a photo of a scorebook, box score, or link to results online?2020-06-12T10:24:46-05:00

Yes, Yes, and Yes

Q: I already have Rschool, do I need this?2020-06-12T10:27:40-05:00

The short answer is yes… it is different. We are focused solely on result reporting and messaging. Our platform allows the coach and/or manager to send results to social media and directly to parents, media, fans, etc. in the way they want to receive it. No need for anyone to download an app or find information on a website. Very simple, straightforward, and inexpensive.

Q: How does this platform work with local media?2020-06-12T10:29:23-05:00

Media communication is a huge strength of the platform. Our platform is not looking to store the results, we are looking to get them out to whoever wants them quickly and in the format they want it in. No need for your coaches to email or call several different media outlets after the game. Once the media are in our system, it is one simple click and all media outlets get the information.


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