Options to Add/Invite/Import Users

Invite Users

Go to the back end of the site and then to the Users tab and select Invite Users. Once there, you can choose between entering a single user or multiple users. Follow the directions to enter the required information and hit submit. The invitee(s) will receive an email with information on how to sign up; a sample of the email is shown on the Invite Users page.

Add a User

To add a user, simply go to Add User in the Users tab and fill in the appropriate information. Select which sport(s) the user wants to receive and hit Save.

Import Users

If a distribution list already exists, it can be re-formatted and uploaded. Again, go to the Users tab and Select Import Users. A template file is available for download to either show how the current list needs to be re-formatted, or to be filled in appropriately. Save as a .CSV file, upload it, and choose the category or categories to put the new users into. Be sure to consult the provided Cell Phone Carrier List. Once done, hit Save.

Sign-up Page

Refer users to your Sign-up page to register for themselves… the sign-up page is <yourschoolname>