Opponents can be pre-populated within to create a simple dropdown list of options when a user is filling in a result report. To add opponents, go to the Administration tab on the back end and choose Opponents. Admins can choose a specific sport or All Sports, while coaches can simply add their own sport’s opponents. To add an opponent, simply click on Add Opponent. Enter in the School name, School Short Name (name used on the Scoreboard screen), Location, and upload a school logo. Finalize by clicking Add New, and repeat to further add more opponents. Opponents entered under All Sports designation will be available when reporting in any sport, while an opponent entered under a specific sport will only be available to that sport. To edit an existing opponent listed on the Opponents page, select Edit to the right of the school/team name, make the edits, and click Update. To delete the opponent, simply click on the X to the right of the school/team name.