Setup & Manage Advertisements

Advertising can be sold to help with fundraising efforts for programs, and can be done via ads in the emails sent out and on the scoreboard page. Your school keeps 100% of the advertising revenue generated. To create advertising, go the Advertising tab on the back end and click on the Advertisements link. Once on the page, click on the Add a New Advertisement button. On the Add New Advertisement page, choose the sport(s) and/or scoreboard to associate with the advertisement, provide a title for the advertisement, toggle between Active and Inactive, provide a URL link for the advertisement, and assign start and end dates. (NOTE: Sport specific advertisements will override the Sitewide advertisements.) The final piece is to upload the advertisement image, which should be sized as 800px wide by 100px high. (NOTE: does not provide graphic design assistance for advertisements.) To finalize, click Update. Advertisements can be managed and edited by clicking on the appropriate name on the Advertisements page. That same page allows for toggling between Active and Inactive advertisements.