Result Reporting for your sport

The basis for why was created is to send out a Result Report with final scores, stats, and information regarding the day’s game or event. Depending on a person’s access level, either choose the sport to send a result report for on the front end or be taken immediately to the correct sports page upon login.

Result reports vary based on sport, however, some components are the same, such as date, location/venue, tournament name, game type, and opponent(s). Also, for some sports, a user can toggle on In-Game Updates in order to send a score update during the action. Some Result Reports might also contain a choice of Simple or Detailed, a toggle that lets a result reporter determine how in-depth a report is being sent.

The result reporter would continue to fill in the appropriate fields to report scores, statistics, event standings for team and individual, and much more specifically tailored for each sport. Some result reports will allow for a team’s overall and conference record to be updated and posted. will automatically insert the record from the previous result report to make it easier on the user. Every result report will also feature the ability to attach a web link or digital files, like box scores, pictures, and XML files, and decide which category list will be allowed to receive each attachment.

A note section text box is provided to allow for additional details regarding the game, such as records broken, milestones, weather, upcoming games, or much more. A test email can also be sent out prior to finishing the result report and determining where to send it to. Click the Finalize & Submit Results button and away it goes.